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Trillenium Enerflow Limited offers the entire range of solutions in Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment.

Sewage and Organic Wastewater Treatment
Reduction of organic matter by microorganisms under aerobic conditions continues to be the most favoured method of purfying this type of wastewater. The process is oudour free, requires no chemicals except chlorine for disinfection and consumes low power.

Aerated reduction of organic matter is achieved through Extended Aeration process wherein part of sludge is recirculated to maintain the desired level of microorganisms in the bio reactor. This process is simple but requires more space and consumes more power. Despite this, it is still a very popular method because of its simplicity and familiarity.

Fluidised Media Reactor (FMR/ FAB) is another technology for efficiently treating sewage and other organic waste. The process has microorganisms attached to a floating media where they proliferate in presence of air. This process has a great advantage of the smallest foot print.

Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF) is also an attached growth process with the media being fixed in position. This process is the most efficient in first and running costs. A schematic diagram of a SAFF process is enclosed for reference. Smaller capacity plants can be packaged type.


Water Treatment

RO Plants

A powerful and versatile technology in removal of dissolved impurities, it finds great use in drinking water applications, desalination of sea water and for process applications. Often ground water is found to be so hard that the only way to soften is to treat it through RO and make is suitable for cooling tower make up.

Water for Dialysis requires compliance to AAMI standards. This means that water must not only be low on dissolved impurities but must also be microorganism and endotoxin free. To maintain these conditions, we sanitize the dialysis water piping system by on line injection of ozone in the recirculation system. These systems installed by us have been very effective in maintaining the AAMI standards leading to safer and more comfortable dialysis for patients.

Ultrapure Wate – Very low conductivity and very low organic content water is required for special applications like clinical and animal laboratories and for industrial processes. We deploy a two pass RO process to achieve very low conductivity and finally pass it through a small ion exchange mixed bed resin to achieve the final result. Discarding the exhausted resin is viable with this process making the whole operation very simple. Further organic content reduction is achieved through an oxidizing UV lamp. This water will meet the most stringent standards prescribed, while keeping the equipment cost low. This process is very environment friendly as well and eliminates the issues pertaining to Pullotion Control Board compliances.

Filters for removal of sediment, colour, odour, excess chlorine are commonly used. These are available in conventional MS fabricated vessels or in lighter, stronger and corrosion proof FRP. We supply both MS and FRP vessels as requested by customers. Filters are also available for removal of iron, manganese, fluorides and even arsenic.

Softening is one of most common applications of water treatment for industrial use. As with filters, we supply softeners in MS vessels or in FRP vessels. We also provide brine tank motorized agitators for convenience of operation of the softening plant We also offer variable frequency drive (VFD) based pumping systems and also fixed speed based Hydropneumatic Pressure Boosting Systems. These systems offer the advantage of eliminating heavy overhead tanks, saving considerable civil and energy costs.

More Services

Swimming Pool & Water Bodies. We provide complete solutions maintaining the hygiene and aesthetics of your Swimming Pool and Water Body. We have state of art equipment for water filtration, recirculation and balance, water body cleaning, pool gratings, lights, etc.

People are our greatest asset. We have a team of highly trained personnel who help us deliver our commitments. Our field personnel are capable of installing most complex plant, operate, maintain and train customers personnel operate our systems efficiently.

Dedicated Service Personnel are deployed to keep a track of the health of systems installed by us and take preventive maintenance steps thus avoiding costly break downs and repairs. Of course the service personnel are available on short notice to attens any breakdown calls. Most of our work is done in house by our team, leaving very little to errors of outsourcing. The systems thus installed by us are not only error free, also the team takes personnel pride in making the plant as aesthetic as possible.

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