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Trillenium Enerflow Limited is an integrated Water & Waste Water Management Company. Since commencement of operations in 2005, we have come a long way in demonstrating our competence in mastery of complex technology of water and project management.

We support our customers in identifying their requirements and offering them optimal solutions. We then work with the customer to accelerate project implementation, always delivering before time. The systems installed by us have always delivered or exceeded designed performance. This is backed by our efficient after sales support. Therefore it is no surprise that we have a 100% customer satisfaction record.

Trillenium Enerflow Limited is now widely recognized as a reliable Water and Wastewater Management solution provider, earning enormous respect from clients and consultants. We are now among the fastest growing companies in the industry.

Trillenium Enerflow Limited has been promoted by Mr. Chandrakant Agarwal, a highly respected technocrat in the industry, with over 25 years of experience in reputed companies.

Our Vision : We believe that the solution to mitigating scarcity of water lies in reuse of wastewater generated. The wastewater should be treated in an environmentally friendly manner, thus being in harmony with nature, … being “Green”.  Being profitable and growth are necessary demands of any business. We will seek economic gains for ourselves while working with customers and communities to raise awareness of benefits of recycling wastewater. This would benefit us and our customers in a sense, becoming partners in profit.

Our Objectives :
Trillenium Enerflow Limited seeks to be a dominant player and preferred choice of customers in Water and Wastewater Management. While doing so, we would we would keep abreast of global state of art technologies in this field, acquire them and offer them locally benefiting our customers.

We aim to develop competencies in water and alternative energy products that are innovative, low-cost solutions, which encourage communities to invest with us to help their surrounding environments.

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